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The Sage Thought Leadership Podcast is dedicated to the possibility that entrepreneurs continue the work of creation. We celebrate them by allowing them to tell their stories and share their knowledge with others. In doing so we energize the success of businesses around the world through the imagination of our people and the power of technology.

Apr 29, 2018

Craig is the CEO of Enspira Financial and a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, a Registered Tax Agent, a Registered Statutory Auditor and a Registered Financial Planner. He has extensive expertise in accounting, taxation, auditing, superannuation, business structuring and planning. Craig’s experience and expertise spans all industries and extends over 25 years.

A true people person with a genuine desire to see others succeed, Craig is a natural at making connections and leveraging strategic alliances to benefit all those around him — be it clients, business partners, suppliers, or friends and family.

Craig’s big heart is what led to the establishment of the Enspira Foundation (previously the Jaques Stanmore Foundation) that has to date raised over 1.3 million dollars towards an array of charitable causes. He’s the strongest advocate for Enspira’s “culture of generosity”, always the first to volunteer to for a worthy cause and sits on a number of not-for-profit boards.